The Hustle

imagesThis week has been one of those weeks where doubt, discouragement and what the #$%* am I doing has come up more than once!

I work hard every day at my success.

The hustle of becoming successful at Travelling Yogini is on my mind before I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning to enjoy my tea.  The thoughts of who, what, when, where, why and how all start to parade around in my head.

Yes, it’s a parade and they all are jockeying to be at the front!

(I am feeling that my morning routine is in need of a shift.  Like my exercise first before I start to actively participate in the parade.  I have been saving it till the end of the day because of the reward for working 12 to 16 hour days.  Point noted here this moment…)

Anyway, back to the hustle….I am one year into Travelling Yogini in Asheville.

The growth I have seen in a year has come from everyday hustle.  It has been an amazing process to be part of.

Meeting this person, sending this email, showing up at that person’s office, and offering my services complementary. It’s all part of the daily process.

The most important part of the hustle lately for me is FAITH.

The kind of faith that “in life things tend to happen right at the moment you are about to give up hope”.

This blog is for those of you who are in the hustle and feel like giving up.Continue Reading

Don’t Miss the MOMENT

IMG_3515I love traveling!  I love it so much that I named my company after it!

We have just returned from the UK what a BRILLIANT place and my first time.

Deciding to go the non tourist route (as is my motto), we flew in,  got our “care share” and headed off for an adventure of 5 days.

First stop was to reconnect with my daughter’s namesake “Big Sophie” in the New Forrest where horses run the streets wild and free and you feel like you are in Lord of the Rings.

I decided to go phone and computer free for 5 days and recharge my “batteries”!

While I am all about the computer, phone and social media (as it is my livelihood these days), I have NO problem shutting it off and actually could not wait to do so.

Trusting that all would be well and is well and letting it go for 5 days was the best summer love I have given myself.Continue Reading

Finding my Ocean in the Mountains

IMG_1208Last week I was reminded of how much I miss the ocean.

For me there is nothing like the feeling of salt on my skin and riding waves on my favorite long board with friends or even better by myself.

We drove mission style down to Folly Beach our home break for the swell from the first Hurricane of the season, Arthur.  Ohh the thrill of it, the anticipation of waves and the time in the water with my husband…this is what feeds me!

I have really learned it’s not how many waves you catch that day.  It’s the one wave that you catch that once it’s over you feel complete.

I love living in the mountains but it has taken me some time to find my ocean in the mountains.

The true meaning of this for me is feeling the way I feel about being in the ocean and riding waves and then feeling that same way here in Asheville.

For those of you who can relate to this feeling of salt and wave deprivation this blog is for you.

I have always heard you are either a beach or a mountain person.

While I would say that I am a beach person in my heart and whole being, I live in the Mountains.

Coming to peace with this has been Challenging.Continue Reading

Building Community and Supporting Local Businesses

yogatoursidewalkIt has been one year now that I have been in Asheville and working on Travelling Yogini Yoga Tours!!

This past year, I have come into a full space of what it truly means to build community and support local businesses.

When I started, I had not a clue of how awesome this would be for me professionally and personally.

What has happened has been amazing.

I really began to embody my mission statement of CULTURE, COMMUNITY and CONNECTION when I got clear on what kind of business I wanted to have.

Asheville is full of people who want to support the Go Local Philosophy!

There is even a non-profit that supports this in town-Asheville Grown!

My business falls PERFECTLY in line with their philosophy of keeping Asheville UNIQUE.

We have the Yoga Tours for those who want to see downtown Asheville as if you were a local and not a tourist-we all can spot the tourists when they come to town, there are the Bend and Brews that we offer in local breweries and our Corporate Yoga Program for local Asheville businesses to offer wellness to their employees!

Then there is the Asheville Wellness Tour that I teamed up with two other amazing local businesses here in town-Asheville Salt Cave and Wake Foot Soak Sanctuary.

Having two awesome partners Melissa and Jodie to work with and support each other has been a gift.

We support each other’s businesses together and separate.

This is really what it’s all about!Continue Reading

Being responsible for my reactions

IMG_6301The past month has been full of change and full of reactions.

Reactions to living with 3 other people.

Three people who are different from me and my habits.

First,  let me say that as I write this I am fully owning my s$#%t!

I am an only child who is a creature of habits.

I am a clean freak who likes my sleep and peace and quiet.

I don’t like shoes in the house, I don’t like clutter and I am always going through stuff to give away or consign.

I like things a certain way and I own IT!

My reactions for the past two weeks have not been my best self.

You know those reactions that come from a place of things just GETTING on your NERVES???

This has been me.

Everything has annoyed me.

My annoyance is expressed in many different ways.

Sometimes I am quiet and sometimes I yell.

What a drastic difference these two reactions are and how hilarious is it to step outside of my self and be a witness!

I am annoyed by being woken up in the morning by noisy kids that are not mine, I am annoyed by an ex-wife, I am annoyed by time that I have not been getting with my husband and I have been totally out of my yoga routine because of work and end of the school year!

This is a big one for me as I rely on going to practice at my favorite Asheville yoga studio, Urban Ashram for my biggest help in keeping me not REACTING:)

Today I was reminded of a practice that I have been out of for a while.Continue Reading

Living My Life-even with UNCERTAINTY

100_0577When I think about the word uncertainty, I now think of the word Faith.

This has not come easy for me because for the longest time I did not want to call myself a planner.

What I have come to realize is that my free spirit, burning man, be the moment nature is all about having a plan!

There is a catch to this.

As we all know, the only thing constant in life is change and if you are not DOWN with change then you probably are not DOWN with uncertainty.

In my most recent change, (that I am now reflecting on as being one of the most uncertain times in my life) I got real clear on what was working for me and what was NOT.

What became the most clear is that the quest certainty blocks the search for meaning.

Seriously, think about this!  If you are always certain of what is going to be the plan or what is going to happen or how it’s going to happen then there is no meaning, there is no mystery and nothing to look forward to.

I really felt this in my relationship. Because we did lot’s of talking about marriage, what we were going to do with our lives and all the logistics. But to know a certain date of when Adam was going to ask me to marry him, was HILARIOUS.

Don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of times I wanted to know so I could be planning for moving out of my house and our wedding and and and then I remembered having something to look forward to is one of the greatest keys to enjoying life!

SO, here is where the faith comes in to play.Continue Reading

Step Coupling, a Yogini Re-Marrying and Blending a Family…

IMG_5978Even if you are not Step Coupling and you are in your first marriage this blog is for you!

You could be in a relationship with someone who is divorced and still find this helpful or you could be thinking of getting re-married or know someone who has this going on in their life.

Wherever you are, the concept of Step Coupling has something to offer.

Unfortunately, the odds are against us…for every two weddings celebrated in a year, a divorce becomes final.

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Turtle Shellin’

The Turtle, it is my totem animal.

It Always has been.

Some of my most favorite turtles in my collection have come from all over the world.

It is most always the present that I bring back for my Self. A gift to remind me I always have my home on my back where I can retreat and find my balance.Continue Reading