Bend and Brew Kick off 2015 season with The Lee Brothers!


We are so pumped about our kick off event next Sunday April 19th for the Bend and Brew season 2015!

As many of you know how getting a business going takes so much work and dedication, this break is huge for us this season.

Next Sunday April 19th @10am Hi-Wire Brewery and Travelling Yogini Yoga Tours will be hosting The Lee Brothers for the filming of their TV series Southern Underground.

The filming will be of a Bend and Brew class which is 45 min of yoga and beer educational tasting.

If you have ever wondered what Bend and Brew is like, this one is for you!!!!

The class will be FREE to the public.  FREE YOGA and FREE BEER.

The Lee Brothers are fantastic and are from my roots, Charleston SC.

I am so excited to have this opportunity.

It brings me back to my mantra these days…NEVER EVER NEVER EVER GIVE UP.

Just when you are wondering where the location of Bend and Brew 2015 season is going to be this season, this happens!

So, I hope to see you there.

Get there early as this event has limited space.

See you at Hi-Wire on Sunday April 19th for something that is SOOO ASHEVILLE.

If you have any questions feel free to email me

In it to win it,


Spring News


Moving to the mountains has really brought me a great appreciation for  SPRING!

Just a week or so ago this image above started to happen.

I love seeing this because it means for us that Spring is on it’s way and the past two mornings I have been awoken by the fog which is another sign.

I think the hardest thing for me about living in the mountains is the long winter and the wait.

And as with everything, the wait is the best teacher…all good things happen if you are patient and wait.

So, we have some news.

Asheville Wellness Tour just launched it’s website

Check it out when you have a chance and get out on Tour with us!

We are also happy to announce that I have a partner for this season so Travelling Yogini Yoga Tours will be offering Bend and Brew this 2015 season in Asheville and Charlotte NC!

Please stay tuned for more details and info on this as we get things lined up.

It’s still in the planning and rebranding phase so we ask for your patience and we will have a Bend and Brew line up for you soon!!!

As for the Yoga Tours and Corporate Wellness, we are still offering both in Asheville and hope to be expanding this as well.

Check our website for all info as well as stay connected to us through Facebook

I love the vibes of Spring.

It’s all about creating your own and making it happen.

IF there is something new you are wanting in your life, all you have to do is put your attention to it and it will happen.

It might not always look like what you think it’s supposed to look like and yet everything always works out the way it’s supposed to…

Happy Spring and look forward to seeing you out and about enjoying the weather,



Moving On



I am just one week away from starting to finish what I started back in 1995!

Ohh yes, that would be my holistic nutrition degree.

When I moved to Asheville a year and half ago, this was not even on my radar.

I was starting Travelling Yogini Yoga Tours downtown Asheville.

It has been an amazing experience and one that has led me to this next step.

I love health and everything that goes with it and this past month there have been some major life events that have pushed me to finish my degree.

I first want to thank my Dad for his support and encouraging me that it is never to late to finish what you started.

I think about the example I am setting for my daughter, Sophie.

When I think back, I was one of those kids who would have done better do get the bugs out first before going to college.

So, here I am close to 40 and getting it done!

I still will be running the Travelling Yogini Yoga Tours business as well.

This brings me to the moving on part…

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January has been Clarity at it’s finest for me.

Returning from the magic of Baja has been Clarity.

While on our trip, Adam and I had time to unplug completely and check in!

Checking in for me was having time to read some books, surf, volunteer and meet amazing locals who are making a difference in Baja, eat amazing food, watch the sunrise and sunset, seeing the whales migrating, speak my Spanglish, and love on myself and husband.

Coming back I have made some decisions about work and what I want for my life.

It is always a work in progress.

First, I am very clear on going back to school and finishing my degree.

Yes, it is never too late to finish and sometimes you need a fire to ignite the spark that is full of meaning and I want to thank my Dad for this.

I got real clear on two things:

1. I care.

2. I want to make a difference.

This also has launched me into finding clarity in my business.

I have decided to focus on the Wellness aspect of my business.

This means the Corporate Yoga, Yoga Tours and Wellness Tours are my Clarity!

I am finishing my degree in Holistic Nutrition so it only makes sense to get clear on what is serving and what is not serving the flow.

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End of the Year 2014


I am on the countdown to the escape.

We leave for Baja on Saturday and before we go we have an awesome event at Whole Foods Tunnel Road Asheville style.

We have teamed up for this event with ROOTS humus a local company that makes the most delicious humus.

Join us December 19th from 6-7pm.

See our Facebook page for more details

The event will be this: 45 min of heart opening yoga with us for your holiday season and then a YUM NOM humus tasting bar with ROOTS.

There will be coupons and give aways because that is how we roll.

There will also be beer specials for those who love the beer.

I want to send a special thank you out to Whole Foods Asheville Tunnel Road for their support and encouragement.

Caitie, I am so GRATEFUL for you and you being in my life.

I look forward to the New Year when we are rocking the Mindfulness Mondays and more events to come.

As always, I thank all of you for your support of Travelling Yogini and we will be back on in the New Year.

Enjoy the wonderful.

Happy Holidays,


Gratitude is an Attitude


The Holiday Season is always tough for me.

When I think about why, it comes from my childhood.

I was always going somewhere on the holiday.

It was either to this house our that house and always on the go.

Once I got old enough to travel, I was on the go!

Going to where I wanted to go and doing what I wanted to do.

I mean, why not take all that money that you would spend on buying things and take your family and go do something amazing like travel to a place that you have never been too.

I love waking up on a Holiday morning and throwing on my bathing suit and going for a SURF!

This year we are escaping to Baja for some time.

I am on the 2 week countdown as of tomorrow.

I love that I married a Jewish man.  Our kids go with their other parents for Christmas and we go on Holiday.

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Video Love take 2



In my last blog titled Video Love, I realized that I did not create the link.

So, here it is again in a link.

Please take a moment to click on it.

In the season of Gratitude, I am grateful for being able to share my work.

Recently, I have begun a worksite wellness program at Whole Foods Asheville Tunnel Road.

I am feeling so blessed this Holiday season to make a difference in the lives of those employees.

After all, Gratitude is an Attitude!

Enjoy this little video and seeing me up close and personal.

Love always,



Video Love take 2

In my last blog titled Video Love, I realized that I did not create the link.

So, here it is again in a link.

Please take a moment to click on it.

In the season of Gratitude, I am grateful for being able to share my work.

Recently, I have begun a worksite wellness program at Whole Foods Asheville Tunnel Road.

I am feeling so blessed this Holiday season to make a difference in the lives of those employees.

After all, Gratitude is an Attitude!

Enjoy this little video and seeing me up close and personal.

Love always,




images It’s Saturday morning and I am in my usual spot of contemplation and Values has been on my mind since yesterday.

I have very strong values and convictions.

I really like looking at it from the point of if I don’t have my own grocery bag and I can’t carry it in my hands, I don’t get it because I am not going to use the plastic bag!

I mean really…WTF are those things still being made for and how can the grocery lady feel good about sending someone out the door with one in their hand!!!

There are so many examples of this in my daily life where I feel the values and conviction challenge come up and test me right in the face.

What I am working on is my ability to soften and not be judgmental with my strong values and convictions.

I am an only child that comes from a Momma who really emphasizes the whole morals and values and it was a huge part of my growing up and still is.

She is always saying, “if you can get up in the morning and look your self in the mirror an know you are your best self, then you are doing the right thing”.

I will be the first to admit that I judge the person I see walking out of the store with the plastic bag.

Instead of judging, next time I am going to go up to them and give them one of my grocery bags.

This is where the change can happen.

This is what I am waking up to this morning.

Where in my life can I soften and offer my grocery bag to someone instead of judging them for using the plastic bag.

I am using the grocery bag as a metaphor in case you didn’t catch that:)

To be honest, there are so many personal areas in my life where it is applicable!

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IMG_0927My daughter is my greatest teacher.

Every day I am constantly amazed at her ability to show divine grace.

After all, she is still closer to the source than any one in my life.

Today she showed me how divine grace is really done.  She is an aspiring actress and the part that she tried out for was given to her best friend.  After expressing her disappointment to me, she called her best friend tonight to congratulate her!

This is GRACIOUSNESS in its purest form.

Daily, I am on the path to Grace and opening myself to Grace through learning.

I was recently given Mastin Kipp’s book Growing into Grace from another one of my favorite teachers.

He reminded me today that in those moments of struggle and uncertainty it’s an opportunity to strengthen our faith and to find out what we are made of.

And today, Sophie was the example of this for me at its highest!

One way that Grace enters is through the difficulties.

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